Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Praying for change

I'm ready for change. So, beginning tomorrow, I'm going to pray to that end.

I've got some attitudes and ambitions that need to die. And I've got questions: questions about ideas that are in my head.

Sometimes I see things that others might not; not "I-see-dead-people" kind of things but "what-could-the-future-look-like-if..." kind of things. Lately I've been wondering if God and I are on the same page.

So, I'm devoting 1/2 hour every Thursday morning in November to pray for change. Stay tuned for details.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


I've been invited to present a seminar at a missional church conference this weekend in Guelph.

It's being put on by the United Brethren Church in Canada. I spent the first twenty years of my life learning from the leaders and servants in that tribe.

Needless to say, I'm feeling a bit sentimental.

I'm co-presenting with my friend, Joel Zantingh. He's a super-pastor in my current denomination. That means he's a pastor to the pastors of the churches in Ontario.

For anyone that is interested, here's a synopsis of what we'll be covering:

From Production to Reproduction: essential transitions for attractional churches looking to become missional communities

For the last few decades many Canadian churches have tried to make their church services and programs as attractive as possible to non-churchgoers. But have the masses been enticed to follow Jesus on mission? Today, congregations across Canada are talking about moving from being attractional (focused on drawing people into worship services and programs) toward a missional (every person sees themselves as sent on mission) framework. This workshop will outline the predominant values of both the attractional church and the missional church. Attention will be given to the philosophical and practical changes necessary for churches interested in moving from attractional to missional. We'll conclude with real life examples of people and communities living on mission.
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