Monday, May 8, 2017

My Ten Favourite Things about Hanover Missionary Church

As I prepare to wrap up my ministry at Hanover Missionary Church I've been reflecting on moments, relationships, and things that make me smile.

Here's a small list of my favourite things about HMC:

10. My parking spot.  Not the one I use on Sunday mornings.  That's the one at the very back corner.  No, the one I use during the week.  It's across the street and a couple spaces past the hydro pole.  I'm not sure why I landed there but it's been one I've used with consistency for over 10 years.

9. The tree outside my office window.  Since my window looks out onto the street and parking lot, there's not much of nature (unlike my fellow co-workers that have office windows that look out toward the back yard with trees and grass).  That small tree provides a small glimpse of nature just outside my window.

8. The deep freezer.  I remember when a former staff member told me about muffins that were in that freezer.  Since then, every once in a while, I check to see what else might be in there.

7. The bike route from my house to my office.  Especially the ride there.  Going down the Allan Park hill is good.  On the other hand, biking up is not so good.

6. HMC's proximity to Tim Horton's.  While I rarely head over by myself, I love arranging meetings and visits over yummy coffee that's steps from the front doors of the church.

5. The super fun gym.  Blitzball, basketball, hockey, paper airplane competitions or anything else that could be used for team building and/or stress relieving purposes.  What a great space.

4. The people that serve without recognition.  There are so many on this list: from the fine team of people that make and serve lunches or meals to the folks that visit, phone, write anonymous encouragement notes, and intercede in prayer.  These are some of HMC's finest.

3. Former small group groupies.  In the days before I became the lead pastor there was a small group of youngish families that met in our home weekly.  I'm grateful for the love, care and support they offered and continue to offer to me and my family.  

2. Unexpected visitors.  While it doesn't always work with my schedule, I love people that drop by to say hi and have a brief chat.  Some have only done this once or twice while others are regulars.  Thanks for brightening my days.

1.  The staff team.  Throughout my years at HMC staff members have come and gone.  I will carry warm memories of times with each of them but especially those that stood alongside me as we weathered the storms together.  They are by far my favourite 'thing' about this great church.  
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