Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Preoccupied with PhD studies

I'm still here.  In the absence of blogging I've been consumed with reading and writing for courses that have deadlines and required word counts.

I am officially back in full-time academic studies for the first time since 2006.  The adjustment has been smooth but abrupt.  I'm enjoying getting settled in.

On a sad note, just days before the start of my program I found out that my doctoral supervisor took a sudden medical leave.  He's been diagnosed with late stage cancer and will not be returned to his post.  Thankfully, the college where I'm enrolled has provided two co-supervisors to ensure my study is not adversely affected.

In terms of what I'm doing right now, I'm taking three courses this semester.  They all have two word titles so they're easy to remember: Research & Scholarship, Faith & Culture, and Wisdom & Schooling.

I gained access to a library carrel today.  It will be mine at least until Aug. 31st, 2018.  It's sort of a home away from home (except that I can't cook or sleep in it).  I anticipate spending a lot of time here (I'm writing this blog post from within its confines) or in a small back corner desk in the Thornbury library that I've already grown attached to.

Here's a photo of my carrel at the Kelly Library, U of T.

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