Thursday, October 12, 2017

Good bye Hanover house... Hello new life in Clarksburg

Yesterday marked the conclusion of life on Mulock Road for our family.  And, since as of last week we still had things to move out of the house, it meant that our family spent Thanksgiving weekend packing and cleaning. 

Can you believe we lived in that house for more than 10 years?  I still remember the day we moved in, July 11th 2007.  It was an unusually cold July day.  Our daughter was turning 6 and our son was turning 3.  Them included, a lot changed over the years.  The road went from gravel to tar and chip, the house went from propane heat to natural gas, and homes changed hands all around us and got younger every time.

I loved that house.  But if I could give it up for what we've got now, I'd do it every time.  I love our new community, our house that's becoming home, my new school and accompanying friends, the wonderful folks that are part of our new church, and my new weekly routine.  

Maple and I still try to get out for walks.  It takes us close to seven minutes to get from our house to the Beaver River and that includes time for her to stop and eat some apples that have fallen on the path.  Life seems simpler these days even with doctoral studies in the mix.  I'm not looking forward to the winter drives to Toronto but I know it's only for a season and spring will be here soon!



Alanna Rusnak said...

So glad to hear you're settling into your new life! You are missed and thought of often. It's been exciting to hear of the doors that opened up for you and your family - evidence that taking a leap of faith is actually worth it :) Someday I'll be brave enough too... ;)

The Gentile Rabbi said...

Alanna! Yes. Someday you will be brave enough...

Until then, enjoy the ride. Many wonderful, new opportunities exist outside the safety of the familiar. It's like finding a secret with endless possibilities and adventures inside a scary box of nothing. Once the box is opened you realize that where 'nothing' should be 'everything' is stacked in its place. I know it sounds crazy but it's true. If only I had ripped off the lid of that box of nothing sooner!!!

So, turn on the Tragically Hip. Listen to Courage. Think about Gord Downie's. There's an inspiring guy. Or, try John Mayer's song, "Walt Grace's Submarine Test, January 1967" (a recent personal favourite of mine!!!) So, get building that submarine (i.e. the books that will make you famous) and hit the water. Don't look back!!! And P.S. don't forget to send me a postcard from Tokyo :)

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