Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Words of Encouragement

My life in Toronto is spent, for the most part, inside an 8'x8' padded wall cocoon.  I have a desk, a chair, books, and two pictures of my hero, Eugene Peterson.  In the one picture, positioned on a shelf overlooking my desk, Peterson's head is tilted back and his eyes are on me.  The speak balloon says, "Don't fail me".

The other Peterson picture sits just behind my computer.  His head is tipped slightly forward and to the left.  He's sporting a just-about smile saying, "Hey!  You got this!"

These opposing snapshots are happy reminders of the need to simultaneously work hard and rest.

So, when I find myself getting lost in articles about decolonization and indigenous identity or the need for both proclamation and dialogue in faithful Christian witness, I'm reminded that "I got this".  And, when I'm tempted to take and extra day or two or five to relax, I hear Peterson's reminder "Don't fail me..."

So, after a couple of days of reading and writing, I'm signing off to have some time to rest and play.

P.S. If you're wondering where those Peterson pics are from, they were a goodbye gift from a certain HMC kid's and youth pastor!

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