Sunday, August 31, 2008

Angels and trucks

It's Elijah's 4th birthday today.

He woke up early with me at around 6:30am. I set the alarm so I could have some extra time to go over the sermon and listen to God. Instead, I did a lot of listening to the birthday boy.

We spent the morning at church. I preached on prayer. Healing prayer.

I don't tend to see visions very often but I envisioned angels seated around the stage. That was my clue that things might end a bit differently this Sunday. We had a time of anointing and prayer after the services. God showed up in spite of me.

When I got home we sang happy b-day, ate cake and played with Elijah's new racetrack and trucks.

All in the typical day of a pastor-dad.

1 comment:

Luke said...

You did an excellent job preaching as usual. I sincerly always look forward to hearing you speak :)

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