Thursday, August 14, 2008

Attractional church

Why do we invest so much time and energy on attracting people to Sunday morning church?

Didn't Jesus say "Go and make disciples...." rather than come to a religious service. I don't really remember him advertising the local Sabbath service at the synagogue with cool newspaper ads and funny dramas.

When I think about the quantity of time and energy I've been investing in attracting people to our Sunday morning services it makes me sick. Shouldn't I be spending my best energy on disciple-making rather than making a slick and entertaining Sunday experience?

Lately I feel like I've become an administrator of church experience instead of a pastor who calls people's attention back to God.

Maybe I'm just feeling burned out.


The Minister Killer said...

This sounds oddly familiar... but I completely agree with you brother. If this is what burn out sounds like then sign me up.

Anne said...

I thought people liked the draumas...
Although the Sunday morning service needs/ can change...

Luke said...

Seriously, I think you're just having a bad week or something.

People really like going to hanovers sunday morning service. I have seen it change peoples lives; bring them to jesus. Thats why its worth the effort.
Is it the only way? absolutly not. And thats way you are looking at doing things like the Cafe thing and teaching a course there right? Plus other things I assume.
Your sermon the other day is a perfect way to bring peoples attention back to God. It turned heads, hearts, and made people think. People who might not have been there except for the known quality of the service.
So to me its finding a balance between just doing admin stuff and the discipleship.

Luke said...

Also, did you just make up the word attractional??

The Gentile Rabbi said...

Thanks for bringing balance to my perspective. I think the cafe idea is an attempt to move away from an attractional church experience toward a more communal approach.

As for "attractional". Just try typing it into a google search and you'll see some others who are using the term elsewhere in blogland. I guess it just hasn't made it into Webster's radar yet.

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