Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Course writing

I've been writing a Distance Education New Testament course since May.  

It's August and I'm so close to being finished that I can almost taste it.  

Tonight Erika spent a much needed evening out with a friend.  While she was sipping coffee, I was combing through a textbook looking for juicy test questions.  

I had to find 20.  I was at number 18 when my wife pulled in the driveway.

Here's what' left to do before the course is complete:
Submit two exams (mid-term and final)
Upload the last 2 tests to my website
Compile videos, supplementary notes and the syllabus onto a DVD
Get the okay from the DE committee at the college that everything is good to go

Looks pretty simple, I know, but I've submitted enough already to know that there are always unforeseen issues that demand attention.

Here's hoping I'm all finished by this time next week!

1 comment:

Anne said...

Does not look simple at all!!

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