Wednesday, May 12, 2010

10 Years: A Look Back

Ten years ago today, we said "I do." At that time neither of us knew where we'd end up after a decade of marital bliss. We speculated and dreamed, even drafting a rough ten year plan. But nothing could have prepared us for such a fun-filled, wild, and crazy ride.

Here's a brief look back:

2000 - Wedding in May; move to a new town, Owen Sound, ON; I start work as a pastor and Erika lands a job teaching at a Christian school.
2001 - Shawna enters the world.
2002 - Our closest Owen Sound friends move to Ottawa.
2003 - We're first time homeowners! Our new abode is a 2 & 1/2 story brick house on 7th St.
2004 - Erika eats KFC & Elijah is born; We move to Kitchener, ON.
2005 - Jason begins a Master of Arts program. Erika launches her online business.
2006 - Shawna begins J.K. in January; Jason graduates with an M.A. and begins two jobs: director of worship and arts at HMC and teaching at EBC
2007 - We move to a home in the country in Hanover, ON; Erika's business continues to grow
2008 - Elijah begins J.K.; Shawna enters grade 2
2009 - Shawna and Elijah begin homeschooling their parents
2010 - Jason starts new role at HMC as interim lead pastor; Erika begins exploring new opportunities...

I can't wait to see what the next ten years will bring.


Luke said...

I wasn't aware the Colonel had anything to do with the conception of Elijah. Kinky!

Also, Congrats!!

Alanna said...

I agree with Luke. Erika eats KFC and what???? No more chicken for me, thanks!

The Gentile Rabbi said...

Looks like some clarification is needed: KFC is not related to conception. It is instrumental in jump starting the birthing process.

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