Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Sabbath. Do you take one?

That was the topic of conversation around the staff meeting table this morning. I brought a book I picked up this weekend called, Sabbath by Dan Allender. It's part of the Ancient Practices series of books edited by Phyllis Tickle.

Allender writes, "We live in a dark day, but it is still rare for someone to publically tout his or her violation of the Ten Commandments, with one exception--our debasement with busyness. We love to tell others how much we work, how much we still have to get done, and how overwhelmed we are with the exhaustion of our labour. We admire busyness, speed and productivity, yet we envy those whose leisure time is abundant. We are mad, crazy mad--and we know it. To write another book on the need for margins seems at best superfluous and, at worst, avoiding what most needs to be said: Sabbath rest is not an option; it is a command."

So, when's your sabbath?

I take a mini-sabbath every Thursday afternoon. I've reserved that time for family. It's not always easy to walk past other staff members, through a long line of parishioners, and out the door of our busy church in order to drive home to rest, play and enjoy my family. But, then again, no one ever said sabbath would be easy.

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