Thursday, May 13, 2010

Domestic lesson #2: When the cat stays outside

Our cat lives outside. Except for the winter when she sleeps in the garage.

But lately, even when the sun is shining and the thermometer is above freezing, Tiger is coming in the house.

Maybe it's because our daughter adores her. Or maybe it's because we take pity on her for having to sit outside on a rainy day (the cat, not our daughter). Perhaps it's because her food dish comes inside at night, and we forget to put it out in the morning.

Usually, I'm okay with it. But there is one time when it's never okay for kitty to enter through the patio door...


Alanna said...

That poor squirrel was probably rendered homeless during your great tree-cutting day only to meet it's violent end all because you won't let the cat live inside. Squirrels everywhere are mourning and out!

Luke said...

So it can't have a pet! how come you can have one and it can't!
You cruel heartless people!!

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